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Sunday, 25th July, 2021

Etiquette 1: Double-Opt In

Early stage investing is as much about people and relationships, if not more so, than it is about metrics, product and market size. Investors and entrepreneurs need to build a rapport and that responsibility rests […]…
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Equity vs Valuation

I’ve had a few months off from writing due to some significant goings-on at Pi Labs as well as a summer break. But that has given me plenty of time to reflect on various issues […]…
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Managing the Passion Gap

I was having drinks with a CEO of one of our portfolio companies recently, and this discussion focused on the challenges of successful team building; the heart of any good tech company (and a chief […]…
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Raising Capital – Some Tips

  We are now recruiting for Pi Labs Cohort 5, and as such this seemed to be a good time to kick-off a general post about some tips and best practices to improve the chances […]…
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Seed funding is growing up – Angel Insights

Dominic is Managing Partner of Pi Labs, which was founded on the thesis of becoming the centre of innovation in the property ecosystem, creating scalable businesses that will disrupt the property sector. Dominic has a […]…
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Proptech: get in on the ground floor

Big real estate firms and funds should follow the lead of big players in other industries and commit time and resources to nimble early-stage ventures in their field, says Dominic Wilson, co-founder and managing partner […]…
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Proptech: the end of binary relationships

Property is a people business built on relationships. It is one of the major reasons the sector thrives, as the strength of these relationships helps to secure deals and increase portfolio values and wealth.   […]…
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